Digital Slide Archive

The goal of the ”Advanced Development of an Open-source Platform for Web- based Integrative Digital Image Analysis in Cancer” is to develop open-source integrative technologies to facilitate analysis of data provided by the National Cancer Institute’s The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA). Some of my responsibilities include:

  • Developing annotation capabilities that allow users to markup image data and share and retrieve their markups,
  • Assisting in transforming the current Cancer Digital Slide Archive currently hosted at Emory to an open-source software platform that enables other in- vestigators and institutions to deploy cloud-based infrastructure to manage, share and analyze their own imaging archives,
  • Providing computational image analysis capabilities that enable users to characterize tissues and extract quantitative imaging biomarkers using image analysis algorithms,
  • Developing integrative analysis dashboard to enable users to explore the relationships between quantitative descriptions of image data and clinical or genetic variables.

Code at Github

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